It’s been close to a year since I started my foray into the kink/BDSM community. It’s been an exciting, thrilling, frustrating, delicious journey. As the holidays roll around and I start considering all the changes that have occurred in my life and all of the changes yet to happen, I am thankful. To all the folk who have made me welcome, taught me, enriched me I give my thanks. Thank you, all the new exciting people who are part of my chosen family. To crew, thank you for the acceptance, learning and space to be myself. To my family, thank you for accepting those things you have learned and not asking about those you have not. To my children, there are no words to say how much you mean to me. To the boys, thank you for sharing your lives.

To R, ditas vitae and I cannot thank you enough for the love, care, energy, affection and acceptance I feel with you. I am forever thankful that we have started this journey together and plan to enjoy every second I have with you.

To his H, thank you. Thank you for accepting and understanding the love I feel for him, for being my friend and being present in my life.

To D, thank you for your patience, your care, and your affection. Thank you for being who you are, for your laughter, for your smiles and for loving me.

To T, you are the quiet influence, the voice of reflection. Thank you for teaching me, showing me different points of view, and for your trust and care.

To my friends, you all have my love. Thank you for being a support, trusting me to support you and letting me cry on your shoulders.

Happy Thanksgiving, to all of my families.