I am lachrymose today. Isn’t that a fantastic word? I love it. Definition: given to shedding tears readily; tearful. I know there is a lot of frustration, confusion, hurt, loose ends and feelings of ‘unfinished’ running through me about several things. But, I haven’t been sad or depressed today. I haven’t been dwelling on things mentally. I’ve been working and slowly picking up things that I’ve been letting slide. Spent time chatting with H today, which was loads of fun. I’ve just been crying. More like dripping really, there’s no sobbing or runny nose like crying I do when I get upset. Just big slow tears.

I’ve got a full weekend planned with funs and stuffs. Time with the kids and crew and friends and D. I’m looking forward to all of it… so what is the deal? I’m excited about the weekend!

…and I’m leaking.