So, as those of you who know me may have noted, I don’t tend to play with random people. I at least like to have known you and conversed in person for a bit so that I get a feel for who you are. I really truly prefer long lasting partners, even for play. Past experience with random hook ups/play dates that started out as “let’s be regular play partners” compounded with a run of bad luck in secondary partners has left me feeling pretty used.

I tend to only open up to D or a couple of friends about it. So.. no random play partners is my rule for myself. My emotional and mental health is more important than my kink/sexual side being indulged then smacked back down. Right?

Plus, I think that my personal “definition” of play partners, secondaries, and lovers doesn’t match up with the… let’s say ‘commonly accepted’…definition of those labels. (But that’s a different blog post)

So, 99.8% of the time I stick to that rule. Twice in three years I’ve made an exception.

I’m writing today to share a story about one of the rare exceptions. Non-pertinent-to-the-story details and names are modified to protect the guilty. 😛 *cue dramatic music*

This past weekend I was working a kink event (most of you know which one). One of the gentlemen I needed to interact with (we’ll call him C), after mildly flirting/making eyes at me pretty much the entire first day, asked me to play the second night. I’ll admit I made him wait to have a longer conversation and get through negotiations before I would say yes or no. (I have a couple of medical issues that have to be brought up before any play) He bore up well under the strain of uncertainty; we reached an agreement, and headed off to play. 😉

And the squirrels in my brain started *FREAKING* out.  You’re gonna regret this tomorrow! But he’s sexy and can hold a conversation and has toys I want to try. Yeah, but he’s leaving tomorrow and so are you…for separate STATES. Well, yeah… but I knew that! I just want a nice fun scene with no strings. And did you see his eyes/hair/tattoo/goatee? Sure, sure, he’s hitting a lot of sex buttons and you know these things are fun, buut the next day…*singsong* little bunny Fufu hopping through the forest…  Seriously?! Did my brain squirrel just squirrel? That’s the line! Everyone shut the FUCK UP. We’re doing this.

At this point, C and I had picked a spot and I’m stripping while he sets up.

“Do you want the boots on or off?”

“Keep them on, they’re sexy. Kneel up here, can you lean forward? Good.”

Oh, God. Here we go.

Flogging my ass. Ooh, I like. C checks in, I’m still good.

Fingernails up and down my back. Yesss.

Paddling. So hot but I don’t want to cry yet. Harder. I raise up.

C checks in: “Do you want me to continue?” Words are HARD. I nod yes. “Good girl.”

More paddling, other toys… is that something pointy? YAY!

C checks in… fuck, he’s getting into it now, look at him. All breathing hard and vibrating energy. Damn.

Biting. My ass. My shoulders. My neck. Holy Fuck, yes. Wait, did I say that out loud?

Fingering my pussy. Two fingers. More. Wait, is he fisting me? Oh. My.. Yes!


C: “Do you want me to keep going?”

Me: “Are you enjoying?”

C: “I love it.”

Fisting deeper.  Orgasm.  Again. “That’s it. Cum again for me.”

Deeper again. I moan and cry and cum until it hurts.

He stops as soon as I ask. Damn, that’s hot too. He tells me to push out his hand.

Kisses and hair pulling and nibbles until I’m steady enough to turn to my back.

Electric..on my thighs, nipples, clit. Sliding the bulb into my pussy. Then me as the electrode and metal rods, floggers, etc.

Then, knives. Oh, fuck. I’m going to cum again.

I shriek and twitch and cum. I have to yellow to not fall off the freaking bench.

Paddling to the thighs. Fingering to orgasm. Paddling the nipples. That fucking hurts. Yay!

We wind down. Both of us admit sex would be awesome, but not happening. Cuddling against the wall. Talking.

Fingering til I cum. More talking and nibbling and making out. And talking. The next time I look up, I realize we’ve sat and talked through the scene after us.

That’s fucking sexy. Dammit.

C walks me back to my room and kisses me goodbye for the evening. And a gentleman.

The rest of the night I keep getting asked why I’m grinning so much.

The next day we both are rushing around packing up but make time to check in. C makes me promise to get in touch again on Fet. We go our separate ways.

And I’m good. Have a bit of drop, but that’s expected after a big event. No extra repercussions from playing casually. The squirrels are behaving. Quiet.

I think it’s time to start sharing myself a little bit more often. Again.