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Post Con ramblings..

Uggh. Yay! Uggh. Yay! *headdesk*

That’s all the sum up you need, yes?

I’M KIDDING! Sheesh.

Honestly I had a great time at the event. Friends, new and old, and oddly awesome flirting energy. Completely gobsmacking one friend to the point that I just had to arch a brow and say ‘Well hello there.’ to have her flustered all weekend. *teehee* I may have enjoyed that advantage a bit much.

Drive bys and mini scenes and conversations… it was a good weekend.

I’ve kept myself busy with projects and work after the event trying to stave off  drop and thought I had managed it until the last couple of afternoons. I’ve just been randomly weepy and lonely for a couple of days now. Well, to be honest the lonely is becoming more normal…sadly. But I hate the weepies!

I am not kidding I had a Doctor think I was having an allergic reaction one time, because he saw me crying. It’s not pretty. Like a full on stop as he walked past me, and an “OMG are you ok?! Are you having an allergic reaction?” *SIGHS* I’m fine doc, I’m just an ugly crier, thanks for asking.

Now, I have an old friend trying to reconnect and I’m both excited and petrified…cause I’m not in a great place right now. And I know I have a habit of over sharing? dumping? venting? any of those things, lol. and I don’t want that to be all everything is about.

Am I overthinking? Cause I do that too.. damn the brain weasels.

I’m Baa-ack!

It’s alive! It’s ALIIIVE! *Giggles*

Hi all! It’s been so long since I’ve seen you, my darlings! OMG, three years?! I suck. So many things to catch up on! All the things!

We will catch up on it all I promise you! Loves and tears and life and joys and disappointments galore! Kids and kink and relationships and the snozzberries taste like snozzberries! Yes, I am still a dork.

We’ll talk about my mom breakdown(I’ve got a kiddo turning 18 soon!), relationship changes and adjustments (D, me, etc), all the delightful changes in kink and play I’ve been working on, life changes(moving, school, work, health, etc) and any old thing that pops into my brain along the way. Y’all remember I squirrel, right? Well, I do.

There is going to be word vomiting, I swear to you! And now, off to update my links, descriptions, and maybe colors? Perhaps even my thoughts.

Who knows where thoughts come from? They just appear. Name that movie, if you can. Mwahaha!