Uggh. Yay! Uggh. Yay! *headdesk*

That’s all the sum up you need, yes?

I’M KIDDING! Sheesh.

Honestly I had a great time at the event. Friends, new and old, and oddly awesome flirting energy. Completely gobsmacking one friend to the point that I just had to arch a brow and say ‘Well hello there.’ to have her flustered all weekend. *teehee* I may have enjoyed that advantage a bit much.

Drive bys and mini scenes and conversations… it was a good weekend.

I’ve kept myself busy with projects and work after the event trying to stave off  drop and thought I had managed it until the last couple of afternoons. I’ve just been randomly weepy and lonely for a couple of days now. Well, to be honest the lonely is becoming more normal…sadly. But I hate the weepies!

I am not kidding I had a Doctor think I was having an allergic reaction one time, because he saw me crying. It’s not pretty. Like a full on stop as he walked past me, and an “OMG are you ok?! Are you having an allergic reaction?” *SIGHS* I’m fine doc, I’m just an ugly crier, thanks for asking.

Now, I have an old friend trying to reconnect and I’m both excited and petrified…cause I’m not in a great place right now. And I know I have a habit of over sharing? dumping? venting? any of those things, lol. and I don’t want that to be all everything is about.

Am I overthinking? Cause I do that too.. damn the brain weasels.