Well, Hi there. I bet you’re wondering who I am and what I’m about and such things. First off, you should be able to figure out from the horrid grammar, punctuation, and casual greeting… that I’m just gonna type what I’m thinking and feeling. Rather than trying to make this all formal and pretty. I abuse ellipses, just to let you know.  … Yesss, that’s nice. In general this will cover anything amusing to me that happens in my day to day. If you don’t get the humor… meh. To give you a heads up my day to day does include some kink/BDSM related activities but it’s not going to be the *focus* of the blog. Or I’m not intending it to be… maybe it will. The horror!! (Yes, that is indeed, sarcasm… good job spotting it. Have a cookie.)

Now, I’m off to play with widgets and pictures and things until the blog looks pretties. To me anyway. Be good. Stop standing on your sister’s head. Damn kids.