So, how do you describe a delightful weekend… I got to have time with R from Friday evening until Sunday morning! Which was utterly fantastic, though we both agreed that little things kept cropping up to disrupt. We made it through, spent Friday night out at a group meeting together, then stayed over at his place. I had asked for a spanking and tears… but he turns me on so much I just couldn’t cry!  I have a lovely set of bruises though. No, that’s not a complaint. *waggles eyebrows* We wore each other out so much that we slept til nearly 2pm on Saturday. Spent some time visiting with his wife while getting ready to head out again. I am constantly pleased by her understanding and very very glad she understands and accepts my love of and with him.

Met up with a group of his work friends and an old friend of mine from high school Saturday night for drinks and conversation, everyone got fairly rowdy. There’s a part of me that worries about making a good impression on his friends. I want him to be proud to have me around.(He tells me I’m being silly, that of course he is proud of me.) D came out too. I love, love, love having them both in the same space with me. I spent way too much money on drinks, since I wasn’t driving. They took advantage of me not paying as close attention to their plotting as usual and managed to surprise me. R drove us home, and surprise surprise D was there, waiting for us. We did succeed in making me cry. All other details are not for public consumption. Suffice to say that I had a very good time, and they both agree. D unfortunately wasn’t able to stay over, but it was going on 5am before he left and R & I went to sleep.

Sent him off to work early this morning and I’m back to Mom mode today.   The kids are home from their weekend at aunt T’s and it’s time to be proper again… well as proper as I can be. winks